Activia commeercial Redhead

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Activia commercial actress redhead free

#Who is the actress with red hair in the Mylanta Ultimate Strength commercial? Mylanta commercial actress. It appears to be Isabel Glasser, who played Harley . #activia commercial actress redhead Who is the brunette actress in the activia commercials? Her name is Kristin Hensley and she's starred in a lot of commercials. #For instance, when I thought I wanted to be a redhead three days For further emphasis, Rinna's husband also appears in the commercial Now, thanks to the work she's done for Activia yogurt, she is the “regularity queen. #NARRATIVE FILM · COMMERCIAL · ART BASED · ABOUT+CONTACT. ARMOUR. ASUS // CREATIVE POWER. ACTIVIA // INGRID SILVA. BLOOD PULLS A.
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