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#Kelli Berglund and Marshall Williams photos, news and gossip. Marshall Williams and Kelli Berglund were in an on-screen matchup. Selena Gomez. 2+ 1. #Kelli Berglund's "Now Apocalypse" interview quotes include details about Berglund talks about her life as a child star and what she's learned from Had the Best Reaction to Justin Bieber's Instagram About Selena Gomez. #Kelli Berglund/Gallery - Disney XD's Lab Rats Wiki Kelli Berglund, Lab Rats, Selena Gomez Reportedly Battling Lupus, Taking Time Off To Deal With Health. #Without a single doubt Selena Gomez has incredibly think beautiful hair that we all wish was ours. She has tried so many hairstyles and has proven she can rock .
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  1. Kelli Berglund Wants A Career Path Like Selena Gomez: Photo # Kelli Berglund isn't afraid of picking which team she's on -- Team Selena or Team.

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